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Cooking on a Stick Campfire Cookbook

Cooking on a Stick - Camping Cookbook for Kids

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Cooking on a Stick:  Campfire Recipes for Kids.  With These Sensible and Sensitive Safety-First Recipes, this upbeat camping cookbook for  kids walk them through the fun and rewarding process of campfire cooking. Whether they're at a campground with other campers, in the forest with a scouting group, or simply in their own backyard with their family. They'll become familiar with all the basic methods for successful outdoor cooking. Three cooking methods are explained with recipes given for each:  Cooking on a stick; cooking in a pouch; and cooking on the grill. 48 pages and 48 Full-Color illustrations.  Ages 7 To 11. Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 8 inches.