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Shopping Small for Arkansas

by State & Pride Provisions Co.  | 

We love Arkansas and we're constantly searching for great Arkansas products for our store! Here are a few of our shop favorites:

(1) Larkmartin Soaps: We can't say enough good things about Larkmartin Soaps! Handcrafted in Hot Springs, Arkansas, using local, natural spring water and simple, pronounceable ingredients, their soaps smell great, lather well, and come in cozy, recycled packaging. Not only do we love their soaps, we also love Larkmartin's luxurious hand creams.

(2) Buzz Buzz, LLC:  We like knowing what's in the products we sell, particularly those we put on our lips and rub into our skin. We love Buzz Buzz because the ingredients in their lip balm and hand salve are all natural and the beeswax in their products comes from bees they raise themselves in Northwest Arkansas. Their pocket-size, moisturizing lip balm comes in many great flavors and their hand salve also contains bee propolis, a resin made by the bees that has natural healing properties. 

(3) Valere Rene Handbags:  Who doesn't love Valere Rene?  She makes good, quality bags. Handcrafted in Rogers, Arkansas, her bags are fun and functional. Our favorites are the Jillian Tote, makeup bags, and crossbody bags. Given her passion for quality and eye for great design, it's no wonder her brand is growing nationwide.

(4) Robinson Lane: Christy Bourns Ward, the brains and beauty behind Robinson Lane jewelry, is a Little Rock-based designer who uses organic elements such as natural metal, artisan beads and reclaimed jewelry to create pieces that tell the story of where we have been and where we hope to go. We love everything she does, but our favorite is her "Cash" necklace, which pays homage to Johnny Cash (who was also from Arkansas)!

(5) Beastman Caravan: Filip Johnson (or the "Beastman" as he is affectionately known locally) is a leather maker and artist in Hot Springs who makes heirloom-quality leather goods. While his Viking-inspired leather goods are his signature, we're a little obsessed with his other stuff, too, like his Don't Shoot The Messenger bag, leather totes, and wallets. 

Know of other great Arkansas-based goods? Drop us a line at and let us know!


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